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New ebooks

For more information please click on the covers
Access to fulltexts available locally within our IP-domain

Also available Titles from Elsevier Publ.

More ebooks via the Campuscatalogue or the special catalogue for "ebooks der MPG"

If you experience any problems please contact the library team.


Winter Sale of Books



Our 'Summer Sale' switched to 'Winter Sale'. There are some new old books on the shelves of area E7. Perhaps you'll find a bargain.







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Summer Sale of Books

Visit our Summer Sale at Library and Information Services.
Perhaps you'll find interesting books on the shelves E 4 - E 8. They are roughly assorted after our main subjects.

pro 1 cm Hardback (thickness): € 1,00
pro 1 cm Paperback (thickness): € 0,50
More than 100 cm: 25% discount

Leave your PC-screen with all the electronic stuff and come back to the printed book. We are looking forward to seeing you.


New e-books of the American Geophysical Union via Wiley

Some frequently used monographs of the series "Geophysical Monograph" published by the American Geophysical Union are now available online. Direct access via the book covers.

The Earth's Climate

Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces

Ocean Circulation

Ocean Modeling in an Eddying Regime

The Oceans and Rapid Climate Change

The North Atlantic Oscillation

More e-books are included in the local library catalogue and/or in the ebook catalogue of the Max-Planck-Society. Please note that access is only available locally. If you have any questions please contact the library team.


Springer partners with the American Meteorological Society

New books and backlist titles of the AMS will now be available electronically for the very first time on Springer’s online platform. This well known book is among them. David M. Schultz: Eloquent Science. - 2009.


More AMS publications


New e-books

These brandnew e-books are available now. Please click on the covers to get local access. For all licenced e-books please search the special catalogue

Wendisch, M.:
Airborne measurements for Environmental Research. - Wiley-VCH, 2013.

Wainwright, J.: Environmental modelling : Finding simplicity in complexity - 2nd. ed. - Wiley, 2013.

Lagrangian modeling of the atmosphere. - American Geophysical Union ; Wiley. - 2013.


Finally we have new lists of acquisitions of the last weeks. There were many new Bachelor- and Mastertheses. Furthermore the amount of e-books is growing. Please look at this small selection or search the special e-books catalogue.

Wells, Neil:
The atmosphere and ocean. - 3. ed.
Wiley, 2012.

Forecast verification : a practitioner's guide in atmospheric science. - 2nd ed. - Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

Bohren, Craig F.:
Fundamentals of atmospheric radiation. - Wiley- VCH, 2008

Farmer, G.T.
Climate Change Science: Volume 1 - The Physical Climate Springer, 2013.

Chester, R.:
Marine geochemistry. - 3.ed. - Wiley-Blackwell, 2012

Navarra, Antonio:
Regional assess- ment of climate change in the Mediterranean : Volume 1: Air, sea and precipitation and water. - Springer, 2013
Vols. 2 + 3 also available


Recent acquisitions

Please visit the library and take a look at our new posters at the entrance with a selection of recent acquisitions and remember the monthly lists with all acquisitions of the last weeks.



New Open Access Journal

Already three issues of Geochemical Perspectives have been published so far. This new open access journal is published by the European Association of Geochemistry.


Posters with new acquisitions


Please find our new posters with a selection of recent acquisitions at the library entrance. If you have any questions to the access of e-books contact the library team. Please have a look at our monthly lists with all the new acquisitions, too. 



Important information

Sorry, from 11/07/2012 until 01/08/2012 there may be changes in our opening hours on a very short notice. Please inform yourself on our webpages or directly at the library door. We are sorry for any inconveniences.


Recent acquisitions - 2012/02

Please take a look at our new poster with recent acquisitions.
If you have any questions concerning the available e-books please contact the library team. If you want to read a book which isn't on our shelves (Sonderstandort) we try to get it for you from the scientific working group for a few days.

In the monthly lists you find all our acquisitions including bachelor-, master- and diploma theses and report literature.



Recent acquisitions - 2012/01

Please find the list for february 2012 and older lists through the link "New acquisitions" on top of this page.

Our first poster for 2012 shows recent acquisitions with their cover. Please note the special annotations for available e-book editions. For more information concerning access and download please ask the library team.




Posters with recent acquisitions

Please take a look at our new posters with recent acquisitions at the wall near the library entrance. Or click the PDF-versions   
Poster 1    Poster 2

Please note the special annotations for available e-book editions. For more information concerning access  and download please ask the library team.

For our complete monthly lists of acquisitions please use the link "New Acquisitions" on top of this page.



New Opening Hours

Our new opening hours beginning on 17th October 2011 are

Mo - Fr   9 am - 7 pm


New acquisitions

Please find the list for february 2012 and older lists through the link "New acquisitions" on top of this page.

Our first cover poster for 2012 shows recent acquisitions with their cover. Please note the special annotations for available e-book editions. For more information concerning access and download please ask the library team.




New ebooks from Springer Publishers

The access to many new ebooks (2010/2011) from Springer Publishers is open. Please check the list of available titles via the Campus-Catalogue. Licensed is the package "Earth and Environmental Sciences"

There are a good deal more ebooks available ! We would really like to give you detailed information here at the library. Please ask the librarians ! 


Poster July

On our new poster we have added the information if a book is also available as an ebook.

Our collection of ebooks increased vastly because of new licenses with Springer Publishers. If you have any questions concerning available titles please contact the library staff.

Please look at our full list of acquisitions for July, too.




Acquisitions on a new poster

Our new poster shows the front covers of some new books purchased in April and May.

In addition to that we want to point out some ebooks offered by the University of Hamburg via the Campus Catalogue. They can be read from all over the world using the library card.

If you have any questions concerning our electronic media please contact the library staff.


New E-Book

The State- and University Library offers a new e-book via the Campus Catalogue:

Dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers / Ralf Greve; Heinz Blatter
Dordrecht: Springer, 2009

To use it from your homecomputer or from another IP-range please use your library card.


Marine Radionuclide Bibliography

In response to the ongoing situation at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, librarians at the NOAA Central Library, in collaboration with NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research and National Marine Fisheries Service, have prepared this bibliography on the distribution, transport, ecological effects, and potential risk to human health of anthropogenic radionuclides in the marine environment. More.


Covers of New Acquisitions


On our new poster at the library entrance you find a selection of covers of our recent
acquisitions in february and march 2011. Please take a look at our detailed
"Monthly lists of new acquisitions", too.



New Journal

       Nature launches its new journal in April 2011. BIS-ZMAW provides online access
to Nature Climate Change 

       Please look at for further information



Technical Report 1-2011

Please take a look at the new Technical Report of the Institute of Oceanography

Fabian Große and Andreas Moll:
Validation tool for analyzing vertical profile data of one state variable (valpro1var) b
comparison to merged observational data sets and their preparation (OBS_prep):
Description and User Guide. - Hamburg: Institut für Meereskunde, 2011
. - 83 S.      PDF

More Information on the Web


Do you like to read murder mysteries ...?

Ann-Monika Pleitgen, Ilja Bohnet: Kein Durchkommen.
Hamburg: Argument-Verlag, 2010. - 251 S.
(Ariadne Kriminalroman ; 1183)
ISBN 978-3-86754-183-1

Review by Jörg Rapp (in German)
Mitteilungen DMG, No. 1/2011, p. 30



Recent new acquisitions

Okt. / Nov.                    Dez. / Jan.


Climate report for the metropolitan area Hamburg

This very new publication is available at our library. It's published in German

Klimabericht für die Metropolregion Hamburg / KlimaCampus Autoren Team,  hrsg. von Hans von Storch; MartinClaussen. - Berlin: Springer, 2011. - 321 S.




ECOHAM4 UserGuide - 2nd. ed.

The 2nd ed. is ready for download.

ECOHAM4 User Guide: “Ecosystem Model, Hamburg, Version 4”
Johannes Pätsch, Wilfried Kühn, Andreas Moll, Hermann Lenhart
Hamburg: Institut für Meereskunde, 2010.     PDF


New e-books

We have a  new online access to these reference works. Please remember that it works only from our IP-range


Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences

Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences 

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change

For access you can also use our Online-Catalog


BIS-ZMAW now at Facebook

 Kerstin updates our brandnew facebook page frequently. We look forward to your visit


User Survey

The Library and Information Service of the ZMAW starts a new user survey. The survey is running from May 17th - June 19th 2010 and is a joint activity of all libraries of the MIN Faculty. Please take a few minutes and complete the survey online  TAN / Losung: Library

There are printed questionnaires available at the library as well. Please use the small mailbox at the journals' display or return them directly to the library staff.


3. Nacht des Wissens in Hamburg on 7th Nov. '09

Our Library and Informationsservice is open from 5 p.m. until 12 p.m. We offer:

  • Internet Access
  • Mission-Planet: Quiz (only in German)
  • pictures and information of the MIN-Faculty libraries (Film)
  • just a bit of tranquility amid the turbulences around

Besides we play in the library:

Winds of Change: Simulation of anthropogenic influence on global warming.
Table game for 2-4 Persons. Duration: approx. 1 hour



A WLAN is active in our library since february 2009. Please look at the information pages of the University Computer Center to find more details of the installation of the necessary software or ask one of the librarians.

Your Libraryteam

New electronic journals

The Department of Geosciences offers access to the following E-Journals. Please use the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) or the Campus Catalogue

  • Environment & Planning A
  • Environment & Planning B : Planning and Design
  • Geochemistry : exploration environment analysis
  • Geography Compass
  • Geology online
  • Journal of the American Water Resources
  • Soil Science (at OVID)
  • Lyell Collection complete:
  • Journal of the Geological Society
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology
  • Transactions of the Geological Society
  • Special Publications of the Geological Society (nur über den Campus-Katalog erreichbar)
  • Engineering Geology Special Publications (nur über den Campus-Katalog erreichbar)
  • Memoirs of the Geological Society (nur über den Campus-Katalog erreichbar)

Access is only available within the IP-ranges of the Department of Geosciences


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